About Me

Hi there!

It’s nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by 🙂

No one likes a long winded intro, so I’ll keep it simple.

My name is… well, lets keep my name out of it for now shall we?

I guess the only important things are that I love to eat, I love (am obsessed over) food and love to cook. I think that Thomas Keller is an amazing inspiration, that Pierre Herme can do no wrong and that junk food makes the world go round.

If I were to start from the beginning, it would essentially be: A girl who loves food and who finds joy in feeding others, who constantly have crazy food ideas (and may or may not have a few notepads worth of thought starters) and finally decided to document that adventure by starting with an Instagram account. Along the way, this girl then decided to share some of the recipes from that discovery process with you all.

Huh, speaking third person is a really odd feeling.

I hope that I’ll see you around.