Oven Settings:

I use a fan forced mode unless mentioned otherwise.

My rack is also usually placed in the middle of the oven unless recipe specifies otherwise

Preheating the oven:

I always preheat my oven for 25-30mins before baking, at the temperature that the recipe calls for to be baked at unless mentioned otherwise.

This is to ensure that the oven temperature reaches the right temperature that the recipe calls for.

Ideally, the use of an oven thermometer will provide you with the most accurate reading of what the internal temperature of your oven is given that every oven is different.

But as a rule of thumb should you not have a thermometer, I let my internal oven thermostat go off to indicate it has reached temperature and then leave it to continue to heat for another cycle of the heating element coming on and off (you should hear a clicking sound or your oven starting back up). This is to ensure that every part of the oven does get heated up as there maybe hotter spots that heat up quicker than others.


I usually use large eggs that weigh around 50g without the shell


I my default my go to butter is unsalted butter. If using salted butter, please omit the salt in the recipe. It may also make it harder for you to control the saltiness so I would recommend not to use salted butter.


I usually use sea salt and never table salt. But you can go for kosher salt or whichever your preference is.


The cream that I use is thickened cream which has a fat content of 35%. You can use heavy cream or any cream that has a 35% fat content.